Beyond the Nashville skyline and away from the bustle of Broadway, over the Cumberland River that splits the city in two, and into the East, Shannon McArthur sits across from a 24-year-old musician from Homer, Alaska – Sam Bowler. Two years of phone conversations about “Joshua Tree”, “Battle Born”, and God has finally materialized.
Shannon McArthur, now 28-years-old, has been around the industry for several years now. His experiences, for better and for worse, have revealed music to hold something completely different, but significantly more valuable than anything he was ever looking for.
Rewind two years, and in what can only be characterized as sheer serendipity, Sam and Shannon met each other in San Francisco, California. Neither had been acquainted, nor knew the other existed, but were nonetheless introduced at a mutual friend's party. "I thought he was either completely nuts or the most genuine person I had ever met," Sam laughs. "He had just had his credit card stolen and both of us were strapped for cash, so we just talked about music." Both cannot help but laugh at the absurdity of it all as they lean back and lose themselves in reminiscence. "I guess he was the latter."
“There’s definitely a strength in numbers that has taken place, Sam brings only the purest elements to the table. He doesn't really know how to care about what people or the industry thinks, I'm definitely ok with that..." Shannon explains. "His perspective is different than mine, yet bizarrely the same, as if it's the same message, but written in a different language."
Together they form The Riflery, a name that Shannon has been embracing for some time. “Every man struggles with the big questions of life… How did we end up here? For what purpose? You can choose to let questions like this weigh you down, or you can focus your thoughts into something beautiful that resonates with those in the same struggle. This is what the Riflery is for me.”